Follow up

The milkweed seed ball making event at Indian Creek Nature Center had to move inside because of rain, and we had a dirty, messy, great time! There were more than a dozen people present, and we made almost 600 balls to hand out to RAGBRAI bicycle riders when they pass through Mount Vernon.

Much laughter, and it was great to meet members of the FaceBook group in person! We had several girls who helped, did a fabulous job, and one even counted all the balls.  We'll do this again in Mount Vernon or Lisbon, and maybe in Iowa City.

We also saw the butterfly hoop house at the Center and it had several monarch butterflies!


Help make seed balls for RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) is coming up fast.  Thousands of bicycle riders will be riding across Iowa July 19-25, 2015.  They will be passing through Mount Vernon, Iowa and members of our group have decided to make milkweed seed balls to pass out to riders.  We hope that they will toss them in ditches and help spread milkweed across Eastern Iowa for Monarch caterpillars to eat in the future.

We need your help!  Learn how to make milkweed seed balls! Make a few for yourself and make MANY for RAGBRAI riders to disperse!

Event details:
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 1:30 p.m.

Indian Creek Nature Center, 6665 Otis Rd SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
We need to have a count of people coming, so please RSVP to
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Important Happenings!

THIS is good news!  I hope the butterflies and other insects fly high above the traffic!

Obama launches plant to save the bees and butterflies
(Excerpt)  In “Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators” issued by the White House press office, the president outlines the importance of pollinators, the threat they are under, and a plan of attack to get them back on track.

This Is How The Obama Administration Plans To Save Bees And Butterflies
(Excerpt)  The plan calls for restoring 7 million acres (2.8 million hectares) of bee habitat in the next five years. Numerous federal agencies will have to find ways to grow plants on federal lands that are more varied and better for bees to eat because scientists have worried that large land tracts that grow only one crop have hurt bee nutrition.

The White House plan to save the monarch butterfly: Build a butterfly highway
"Traffic on Interstate 35 is about to get a lot … buggier.
(Excerpt) That’s thanks to President Obama, newfound friend to imperiled pollinators everywhere, and his strategy for protecting the nation’s insects. Among the proposals is a plan to create a pollinator highway along the I-35 corridor, which extends from Mexico to Minnesota and follows a main route for the annual monarch butterfly migration."

Pella Wildlife Company Launches Monarch Butterfly Restoration Project 
(Excerpt)  DES MOINES, Iowa – The Pella Wildlife Company is working with the Iowa Department of Transportation to restore the Monarch Butterfly population in the Midwest.

The I-35 Monarch Sustainability Program involves Pella Wildlife Company workers and volunteers planting the milkweed wildflower along I-35 from the southern to northern tip of the state. The wildlife company requested a special permit to plant the wildflower along I-35 from the Iowa DOT and is responsible for the planting and maintaining of the plots.