12,446 Milkweed Seed Balls!

(From Milkweed Matters RAGBRAI Seedball Initiative)

Thanks to all who came out to the Monarchs in Eastern Iowa milkweed seed ball making events at New Pioneer Coop in Iowa City on April 22nd, and at EcoFest at NewBo Market in Cedar Rapids on April 23rd!

Between these two events, we made 2,730 seed balls, bringing our current total to 12,446! That's 35% of our goal of 35,000, and it's only the end of April!  We have many more seed ball making events in the works across the state of Iowa!

We can surely use some help with our expenses with this project, so if you are interested, please Click Here for information!  Thank you!


Upcoming events

Make Seedballs at New Pioneer Food Co-op
Friday, April 22
4 to 5 p.m.
New Pioneer Food Co-op
22 S Van Buren St, Iowa City

Come support Monarchs in Eastern Iowa's very own Tabitha Tahbo and Amy Blessing at the New Pioneer Co-op, Iowa City location. Stop and make some seed balls for Ragbrai followed by some grocery shopping at New Pioneer! A special thanks to Genie Maybanks for helping organize this!

EcoFest at NewBo Market In Cedar Rapids
April 23, 2016   10 am-4 pm

Monarchs in Eastern Iowa (MEI) will have a booth at this event offering the public a chance to help make milkweed seed balls for RAGBRAI riders to toss while they ride across Iowa.  The seed balls will be given to the 2016 RAGBRAI Seedball Initiative.  We hope to expand the number of milkweeds growing in Iowa this way.

Celebrate your local eco-friendly community with some good green fun at this Earth Day event in Eastern Iowa with live music, local vendors, artists and more!    Click for more EcoFest info

Visit the 2016 RAGBRAI Seedball Initiative  See how YOU can be involved!
HELP FUND the Seedball Initiative  35,000 seed balls means a LOT of clay and trays to hold them.  Educational materials will be needed for tables and booths at RAGBRAI stops.


Thank you New Pioneer Co-op

New Pioneer Food Co-op has once again donated these wonderful containers.  We will use them for rearing our Monarch butterfly caterpillars this spring and summer! 

Thank you New Pioneer!