Joining our group

Thank you for your interest! In order to accomplish our goals and be effective locally we must limit this group to people in our local Iowa region.

If you are from the eastern Iowa region and wish to join our Facebook group, "Monarchs in Eastern Iowa", you must first have or make a Facebook account.  Our group is located at

When someone asks to join our group, administrators will check out their Facebook page for their location and interests in nature.

If you have asked to join and, after a time, have not been accepted, you may send an email introducing yourself, tell where you are from, your interest in monarch and habitat conservation, and we'll go from there.

We encourage people outside our area to look for or form similar groups for their regions. If you have questions about how we started our group, please email us.

You may find other groups or pages about Monarchs by running a search on Facebook.  There is also a wealth of information reached by internet search engines, and there are many helpful videos on YouTube.  And please explore our blog as well!
Thank you for your interest in Monarch butterflies!