Late July

Thousands of RAGBRAI riders are moving across Iowa all this week and the Milkweed Matters team have finished their second day.  We send our best wishes for a safe trip!  If you'd like to follow the team check out their facebook page.  We are pleased that MEI's idea to make 2,000 milkweed seedballs for RAGBRAI in 2015 has expanded so much this year (to 50,000+).  Hopefully we'll see the fruits of all of our labor next year!

In the meantime, Alason from Mount Vernon is one of our MEI members using containers New Pioneer Co-op donated to MEI for raising monarch butterflies. In the below photo you can see one chrysalis in each container.  It is neat how they are color-coordinated with the New Pi logo on each container!  Alason commented, "Not too much longer and Mt. Vernon will be getting even more beautiful!"  Another shout-out to New Pi, and thanks again!


Total Seedballs for RAGBRAI

From Milkweed Matters
     Our grand total: 50,816 milkweed seedballs for the roadsides of RAGBRAI!! Can you believe it?!? Thanks to all of the Monarchs in Eastern Iowa members who held events, volunteered their time, donated supplies, or supported financially! Check out all of the events and some fun photos! Now on to the RIDE!

To learn more about the RAGBRAI seedball initiative visit

From all the Monarch butterfly enthusiasts in MEI .....
THANK YOU KELLY GUILBEAU for leading this effort!